Karaoke P

P. Diddy & Black Rob & Mark Curry - Bad boy for life.cdg

P. Diddy & Ginuwine & Loon & Mario Winans & Tammy Ruggieri - I need a girl (part two).cdg

P. Diddy & Mario Winans - Through The Pain.cdg

P. Diddy & Usher & Loon - I need a girl (part 1).cdg

P. Diddy - The Saga Continues.cdg

P. Jabara - No more tears.cdg

P.F.Webster - The green leaf of summer.cdg

P.O.D. - Alive.cdg

P.O.D. - Boom.cdg

P.O.D. - Satellite.cdg

P.O.D. - Sleeping Awake.cdg

P.O.D. - Youth Of The Nation.cdg

Pablo Cruise - Love Will Find A Way.cdg

Pablo Cruise - Whatcha Gonna Do.cdg

Pablo Petey - Freek-A-Leek.cdg

Pablo Petey - Goodies.cdg

Pachelbel - Canon In D.cdg

Paddy Noonan & The Grand Band - McNamara's Band.cdg

Pam Tillis - After A Kiss.cdg

Pam Tillis - All Of This Love.cdg

Pam Tillis - All The Good Ones Are Gone.cdg

Pam Tillis - Betty's Got A Bass Boat.cdg

Pam Tillis - Blue Rose Is.cdg

Pam Tillis - Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial.cdg

Pam Tillis - Deep Down.cdg

Pam Tillis - Do You Know Where Your Man Is.cdg

Pam Tillis - Don't Tell Me What To Do.cdg

Pam Tillis - Every Time.cdg

Pam Tillis - I Said A Prayer For You.cdg

Pam Tillis - I Was Blown Away.cdg

Pam Tillis - In Between Dances.cdg

Pam Tillis - It's Lonely Out There.cdg

Pam Tillis - Land Of The Living.cdg

Pam Tillis - Let That Pony Run.cdg

Pam Tillis - Maybe It Was Memphis.cdg

Pam Tillis - Mi vida loca.cdg

Pam Tillis - Please.cdg

Pam Tillis - Shake The Sugar Tree.cdg

Pam Tillis - Silver Wings.cdg

Pam Tillis - So Wrong.cdg

Pam Tillis - Spilled Perfume.cdg

Pam Tillis - The River And The Highway.cdg

Pam Tillis - Thunder And Roses.cdg

Pam Tillis - When You Walk In The Room.cdg

Panic! At The Disco - But it's better if you do.cdg

Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies.cdg

Panic! At The Disco - Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have.cdg

Panic! At The Disco - The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage.cdg

Pantera - Cowboys From Hell.cdg

Pantera - I'm Broken.cdg

Pantera - Walk.cdg

Paolo Noel - C'est Beau, C'est Bon, C'est Chaud.cdg

Paolo Noel - Flip Flop Fly.cdg

Paolo Noel - Je M'appelle Paulette.cdg

Paolo Noel - Je N'aime Que Toi.cdg

Paolo Noel - Le Bateau De Tahiti.cdg

Paolo Noel - Mon Petit Voilier.cdg

Paolo Noel - T'as donc des beaux bi bop.cdg

Paolo Nutini - New Shoes.cdg

Paolo Nutini - Rewind.cdg

Papa Roach - Between Angels And Insects.cdg

Papa Roach - Broken Home.cdg

Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder.cdg

Papa Roach - Last Resort.cdg

Papa Roach - Scars.cdg

Papa Roach - She Loves Me Not.cdg

Papa Roach - Take Me.cdg

Papa Roach - Time & Time Again.cdg

Paper Dolls - Something Here In My Heart.cdg

Paper Lace - Billy Don't Be A Hero.cdg

Paper Lace - The night Chicago died.cdg

Papouce - D'mande Moé S'en Pus.cdg

Papouce - La Volée.cdg

Papouce - Les P'tits Solos.cdg

Papouce - Ma Belle-Mère.cdg

Paramore - Misery Business.cdg

Parfaits Salauds - Le Dernier Train.cdg

Parfaits Salauds - Trop Fragile.cdg

Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind.cdg

Paris Sisters - I Love How You Love Me.cdg

Parliament - Flashlight.cdg

Parliament - Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off).cdg

Parodie -  Accommodement Raisonnable.cdg

Parodie - Accroche La Belle-Mère Dans L'garage.cdg

Parodie - Assis Sur Mon Tracteur.cdg

Parodie - Becycle Jaune.cdg

Parodie - Il Bande Pas.cdg

Parodie - J'hais Mon Voisin.cdg

Parodie - Journée D'alcoolique.cdg

Parodie - L'hymne Du Charlot.cdg

Parodie - La Vaisselle D'hier.cdg

Parodie - Lady Garde Malade.cdg

Parodie - Le Temps D'laden.cdg

Parodie - Les P'tites Bites.cdg

Parodie - Ma Tétine.cdg

Parodie - Ne m'quitte pas.cdg

Parodie - Notre-Dame De Paris-Bêêêle.cdg

Parodie - Provocants.cdg

Parodie - Sha La La La.cdg

Parodie - Solange.cdg

Parodie - Star Épidémie.cdg

Parodie - À M'énarve.cdg

Partridge Family - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.cdg

Partridge Family - Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted.cdg

Partridge Family - I Think I Love You.cdg

Partridge Family - I Woke Up In Love This Morning.cdg

Partridge Family - I'll Meet You Halfway.cdg

Partridge Family - It's One Of Those Nights.cdg

Partridge Family - Looking Through The Eyes Of Love.cdg

Pasadenas - I'm Going Fine Now.cdg

Pascal Danel - Kilimandjaro.cdg

Pascal Normand - Le Reflet De Ma Vie.cdg

Pascal Obispo - L'important C'est D'aimer.cdg

Pascal Obispo - Superflu.cdg

Pat Benatar - All Fired Up.cdg

Pat Benatar - Fire And Ice.cdg

Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker.cdg

Pat Benatar - Hell Is For Children.cdg

Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot.cdg

Pat Benatar - Invincible.cdg

Pat Benatar - Little Too Late.cdg

Pat Benatar - Love Is A Battlefield.cdg

Pat Benatar - Promises In The Dark.cdg

Pat Benatar - Sex As A Weapon.cdg

Pat Benatar - Shadows Of The Night.cdg

Pat Benatar - Treat Me Right.cdg

Pat Benatar - True Love.cdg

Pat Benatar - We Belong.cdg

Pat Benatar - We Live For Love.cdg

Pat Benatar - You Better Run.cdg

Pat Boone - April Love.cdg

Pat Boone - Friendly Persuasion.cdg

Pat Boone - I Almost Lost My Mind.cdg

Pat Boone - Love Letters In The Sand.cdg

Pat Boone - Moody River.cdg

Pat Boone - Speedy Gonzalez.cdg

Pat Garrett - Saddam Stomp.cdg

Pat Giroux - Pedro Le Mexicain.cdg

Pat Green & Cory Morrow - Texas On My Mind.cdg

Pat Green - Carry On.cdg

Pat Green - Dixie Lullaby.cdg

Pat Green - Feels Like It Should.cdg

Pat Green - Three Days.cdg

Pat Green - Wave On Wave.cdg

Pat Green - Way Back Texas.cdg

Pat Monahan - Her Eyes.cdg

Pat Travers - Boom Boom.cdg

Pato Banton - Baby Come Back.cdg

Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots.cdg

Patricia Carli - Arrête, Arrête Ne Me Touche Pas.cdg

Patricia Carli - Je suis à toi.cdg

Patricia Caron & Bourbon Gauthier - Laisse-Moi.cdg

Patricia Caron - Attenton De Faire Mal À Mon Coeur.cdg

Patricia Caron - Tu Recommences.cdg

Patricia Conroy - What Else Can I Do.cdg

Patricia Kaas - Ceux Qui N'ont Rien.cdg

Patricia Kaas - D'allemagne.cdg

Patricia Kaas - Elle.cdg

Patricia Kaas - Entrer Dans La Lumière.cdg

Patricia Kaas - Et C'est Plus Fort Que Moi.cdg

Patricia Kaas - Il Me Dit Que Je Suis Belle.cdg

Patricia Kaas - Kennedy Rose.cdg

Patricia Kaas - L'aigle Noir.cdg

Patricia Kaas - Les Hommes Qui Passent.cdg

Patricia Kaas - Mademoiselle Chante.cdg

Patricia Kaas - Mon Mec À Moi.cdg

Patricia Kaas - Quand Jimmy Dit.cdg

Patricia Kaas - Regarde Les Riches.cdg

Patricia Kaas - Un Dernier Blues.cdg

Patricia Lavila - Pour toi c'est rien, pour moi c'est tout.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Alors Regarde.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Au Bout De La Marelle.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Au Café Des Délices.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Bouge.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Casser La Voix.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Combien De Murs.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Elle me regardait comme ça.cdg

Patrick Bruel - J'm'attendais Pas A Toi.cdg

Patrick Bruel - J'te Mentirais.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Je T'le Dis Quand Même.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Place Des Grands Hommes.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Pour La Vie.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Qui A Le Droit.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Tout S'efface.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Trois Ans Et Demi D'amour.cdg

Patrick Bruel - Un Jour Ou L'autre.cdg

Patrick Fiori - Que Tu Reviennes.cdg

Patrick Fiori - Sans Bruit.cdg

Patrick Hernandez - Born To Be Alive.cdg

Patrick Juvet - Les Bleus Au Coeur.cdg

Patrick Norman & Judy Richards - Let's Try Once Again.cdg

Patrick Norman - Ma Belle.cdg

Patrick Norman - Noël Sans Faim.cdg

Patrick Norman - Quand Le Ble Sera Leve.cdg

Patrick Normand & Laurence Jalbert - Qui est gagnant.cdg

Patrick Normand & Renée Martel - Nous.cdg

Patrick Normand - Aiko aiko.cdg

Patrick Normand - Alors là seulement.cdg

Patrick Normand - C'est la saison.cdg

Patrick Normand - C'est pour toi que je chante.cdg

Patrick Normand - Cet Anneau D'or.cdg

Patrick Normand - Chanter pour rien.cdg

Patrick Normand - D'ou Que Tu Viennes.cdg

Patrick Normand - Elle s'en va (chacha).cdg

Patrick Normand - Elle s'en va (slow).cdg

Patrick Normand - Il faut trouver le temps d'aimer.cdg

Patrick Normand - Image De Nos Jours Heureux.cdg

Patrick Normand - J'ai besoin de toi.cdg

Patrick Normand - J'ai oublié de vivre.cdg

Patrick Normand - Je Serai Toujours Là.cdg

Patrick Normand - Je t'aimerai toujours.cdg

Patrick Normand - Je t'attendrai toujours.cdg

Patrick Normand - Je veux te faire l'amour.cdg

Patrick Normand - Kevin.cdg

Patrick Normand - L'amour Ensemble.cdg

Patrick Normand - L'hirondelle.cdg

Patrick Normand - La guitare de Jérémie.cdg

Patrick Normand - La lumière de l'amour.cdg

Patrick Normand - La plus belle chanson.cdg

Patrick Normand - Lady (Français).cdg

Patrick Normand - Lucille.cdg

Patrick Normand - Madame Rose.cdg

Patrick Normand - Mon vieux copain.cdg

Patrick Normand - On part au soleil.cdg

Patrick Normand - Papillon.cdg

Patrick Normand - Perce les nuages.cdg

Patrick Normand - Pour Un Instant D'amour.cdg

Patrick Normand - Quand on n'est en Amour.cdg

Patrick Normand - Qui est gagnant.cdg

Patrick Normand - S'il n'y avait plus de lendemain.cdg

Patrick Normand - Six heures moins quart.cdg

Patrick Normand - Souvenir d'un veillard.cdg

Patrick Normand - Toi le soleil de ma vie.cdg

Patrick Normand - Toi qui rêve.cdg

Patrick Normand - Tu peux frapper à ma porte.cdg

Patrick Normand - Un dernier verre de chagrin.cdg

Patrick Normand - Un Monde Pour S'aimer.cdg

Patrick Normand - Une autre larme.cdg

Patrick Swayze - She's Like The Wind.cdg

Patrick Zabbé - Agadou.cdg

Patrick Zabbé - Ah c'qu'on n'est bien.cdg

Patrick Zabbé - Il tape sur des bambous.cdg

Patrick Zabbé - La vache espagnole.cdg

Patrick Zabbé - Les lunettes.cdg

Patrick Zabbé - Oh! darling.cdg

Patrick Zabbé - On Arrive.cdg

Patrick Zabbé - Quand j'écoute la radio.cdg

Patrick Zabbé - Senior météo.cdg

Patrick Zabbé - Tout nu et tout bronzé.cdg

Patrick Zabé - Je Roule Ma Bosse.cdg

Patrick Zabé - N'as-Tu Jamais Vue La Pluie.cdg

Patriotic - God Bless America & We Will Rock U & We Are Champions.cdg

Patsy Cline - Always.cdg

Patsy Cline - Back In Baby's Arms.cdg

Patsy Cline - Blue Moon Of Kentucky.cdg

Patsy Cline - Crazy.cdg

Patsy Cline - Faded Love.cdg

Patsy Cline - Half As Much.cdg

Patsy Cline - Have You Ever Been Lonely.cdg

Patsy Cline - I Fall To Pieces.cdg

Patsy Cline - Imagine That.cdg

Patsy Cline - Leavin' On Your Mind.cdg

Patsy Cline - She's Got You.cdg

Patsy Cline - So Wrong.cdg

Patsy Cline - Sweet Dreams.cdg

Patsy Cline - Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray.cdg

Patsy Cline - Tra Le La Le La Triangle.cdg

Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight.cdg

Patsy Gallant - Besoin D'amour.cdg

Patsy Gallant - Sugar daddy (v.f.).cdg

Patti Austin & James Ingram - Baby, Come To Me.cdg

Patti Austin - If We're Not In Love.cdg

Patti Labelle & Gladys Knight - I Don't Do Duets.cdg

Patti Labelle & Michael McDonald - On My Own.cdg

Patti Labelle - I Don't Do Duets.cdg

Patti Labelle - Lady Marmalade.cdg

Patti Labelle - Love, Need & Want You.cdg

Patti Labelle - My Love Sweet Love.cdg

Patti Labelle - New Attitude.cdg

Patti Labelle - Rescue Me.cdg

Patti Labelle - When You Talk About Love.cdg

Patti Labelle - When You've Been Blessed.cdg

Patti Page - Allegheny Moon.cdg

Patti Page - Changing Parteners.cdg

Patti Page - Doggie In The Window.cdg

Patti Page - Let Me Go Lover.cdg

Patti Page - Mockingbird Hill.cdg

Patti Page - Old Cape Cod.cdg

Patti Page - Steam Heat.cdg

Patti Page - Tennessee Waltz.cdg

Patti Rothberg - Inside.cdg

Patti Smith - Because the night.cdg

Patti Smith Group - Because The Night.cdg

Patty Loveless & Travis Tritt - Out Of Control Raging Fire.cdg

Patty Loveless - A Thousand Times A Day.cdg

Patty Loveless - Blame It On Your Heart.cdg

Patty Loveless - Blue Memories.cdg

Patty Loveless - Can't Get Enough.cdg

Patty Loveless - Can't Stop Myself From Loving You.cdg

Patty Loveless - Chains.cdg

Patty Loveless - Don't Toss Us Away.cdg

Patty Loveless - Halfway Down.cdg

Patty Loveless - Here I Am.cdg

Patty Loveless - High On Love.cdg

Patty Loveless - How Can I Help You Say Goodbye.cdg

Patty Loveless - Hurt Me Bad In A Real Good Way.cdg

Patty Loveless - I Try To Think About Elvis.cdg

Patty Loveless - I'm That Kind Of Girl.cdg

Patty Loveless - Jealous Bone.cdg

Patty Loveless - Keep Your Distance.cdg

Patty Loveless - Last Thing On My Mind.cdg

Patty Loveless - Like Water Into Wine.cdg

Patty Loveless - Lonely Too Long.cdg

Patty Loveless - Lovin' All Night .cdg

Patty Loveless - On Down The Line.cdg

Patty Loveless - On Your Way Home.cdg

Patty Loveless - She Drew A Broken Heart.cdg

Patty Loveless - Shine.cdg

Patty Loveless - Soul Of Constant Sorrow.cdg

Patty Loveless - Strong Heart.cdg

Patty Loveless - That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In.cdg

Patty Loveless - The Boys Are Back In Town.cdg

Patty Loveless - The Last Thing On My Mind.cdg

Patty Loveless - The Lonely Side Of Love.cdg

Patty Loveless - The Nights Too Long.cdg

Patty Loveless - The Trouble With The Truth.cdg

Patty Loveless - Think About Elvis.cdg

Patty Loveless - Timber, I'm Falling In Love.cdg

Patty Loveless - To Have You Back Again.cdg

Patty Loveless - Trouble With The Truth.cdg

Patty Loveless - When The Fallen Angels Fly.cdg

Patty Loveless - You Can Feel Bad.cdg

Patty Loveless - You Don't Even Know Who I Am.cdg

Patty Loveless - You Don't Seem To Miss Me.cdg

Patty Loveless - You Will.cdg

Patty Smyth & Don Henley - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough.cdg

Patty Smyth - Beat Of A Heart.cdg

Patty Smyth - I Should Be Laughing.cdg

Patty Smyth - No Mistakes.cdg

Paul & Paula - Hey Paula.cdg

Paul Anka & Celine Dion - It's Hard To Say Goodbye.cdg

Paul Anka & Odia Coates - Having My Baby.cdg

Paul Anka - And I Love You So.cdg

Paul Anka - Dance On Little Girl.cdg

Paul Anka - Diana.cdg

Paul Anka - I Dont Like To Sleep Along.cdg

Paul Anka - It's Time To Cry.cdg

Paul Anka - Lonely Boy.cdg

Paul Anka - My Hometown.cdg

Paul Anka - Puppy Love.cdg

Paul Anka - Put Your Head On My Shoulder.cdg

Paul Anka - You Are My Destiny.cdg

Paul Baloche - Open The Eyes Of My Heart.cdg

Paul Brandt - A Little In Love.cdg

Paul Brandt - I Do.cdg

Paul Brandt - I Meant To Do That.cdg

Paul Brandt - It's A Beautiful Thing.cdg

Paul Brandt - My Heart Has A History.cdg

Paul Brandt - That's The Truth.cdg

Paul Brunelle - Ah Qu'elle Est Belle Ma Vallée.cdg

Paul Brunelle - Appelle-Moi Ti-Phonse.cdg

Paul Brunelle - Destin Cruel.cdg

Paul Brunelle - Envoie L'oreiller De Tes Rêves.cdg

Paul Brunelle - La Chanson Du Prisonnier.cdg

Paul Brunelle - Mon Cheval Et Moi.cdg

Paul Brunelle - Mon Enfant Je Te Pardonne.cdg

Paul Brunelle - Poupée D'amour.cdg

Paul Brunelle - Pousse Pas Y'a Pas De Côtes.cdg

Paul Brunelle - Sur Se Vieux Rocher Blanc.cdg

Paul Brunelle - Ton Coeur Tricheur.cdg

Paul Brunelle - Vallée D'amour.cdg

Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Mystery Train.cdg

Paul Carrack - Don't Shed A Tear.cdg

Paul Carrack - For Once In Our Lives.cdg

Paul Daraiche - Appui Ton Amour Sur Moi.cdg

Paul Daraiche - Dans ta robe blanche.cdg

Paul Daraiche - Est Trop Longue.cdg

Paul Daraiche - Juliana.cdg

Paul Daraiche - Kaw-Liga.cdg

Paul Daraiche - Les Anges Du Mexique.cdg

Paul Daraiche - Pardonner Et Oublier.cdg

Paul Daraiche - Quand J'ai Besoin.cdg

Paul Daraiche - Stewball.cdg

Paul Daraiche - T'envoler (Back vocal).cdg

Paul Daraiche - T'envoler.cdg

Paul Daraiche - Un Serment D'amour.cdg

Paul Daraiche - À Ma Mère.cdg

Paul Davis - 65 Love Affair.cdg

Paul Davis - Cool Night.cdg

Paul Davis - Do Right.cdg

Paul Davis - I Go Crazy.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Au Pays De La Sagoïne.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Bonne Maman.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Chuckwagon Country.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Ensemble Pour Toujours.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Fière De Sa Famille.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Honneur À L'acadie.cdg

Paul Dwayne - J'irai Moi Aussi.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Jolie Fille De La Baie.cdg

Paul Dwayne - La Dernière Lettre.cdg

Paul Dwayne - La Seule Que J'ai Toujours Aimé.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Le Country En Francais.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Le Ford a mon grand-père.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Loin De Ma Mère.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Ma Grand-Mère M'a Raconté.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Nos Coeurs Tiennent Leurs Mains.cdg

Paul Dwayne - Tragédie De St-Anne.cdg

Paul Jefferson - Check Please.cdg

Paul Jefferson - Fear Of A Broken Heart.cdg

Paul Jones - High Time.cdg

Paul Jones - I've Been A Bad Bad Boy.cdg

Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom.cdg

Paul Mauriat - J'ai Encore Rêvé D'elle.cdg

Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder - Ebony & Ivory.cdg

Paul McCartney & The Wings - Band On The Run.cdg

Paul McCartney & U2 - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.cdg

Paul Mccartney & Wings - Mull Of Kintyre.cdg

Paul McCartney - Another Day.cdg

Paul McCartney - Band On The Run.cdg

Paul McCartney - C Moon.cdg

Paul McCartney - Coming Up (Live Version).cdg

Paul McCartney - Dance Tonight.cdg

Paul McCartney - Freedom.cdg

Paul McCartney - Frog Chorus.cdg

Paul McCartney - Goodnight Tonight.cdg

Paul McCartney - Helen Wheels.cdg

Paul McCartney - Jet.cdg

Paul McCartney - Junior's Farm.cdg

Paul McCartney - Lady Madonna.cdg

Paul McCartney - Let 'Em In.cdg

Paul McCartney - Let Me Roll It.cdg

Paul McCartney - Listen To What The Man Said.cdg

Paul McCartney - Live And Let Die.cdg

Paul McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed.cdg

Paul McCartney - Mull Of Kintyre.cdg

Paul McCartney - My Love.cdg

Paul McCartney - No More Lonely Nights.cdg

Paul McCartney - Say Say Say.cdg

Paul McCartney - Silly Love Songs.cdg

Paul McCartney - The Long & Winding Road.cdg

Paul McCartney - The World Tonight.cdg

Paul McCartney - Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey.cdg

Paul McCartney - With a little luck.cdg

Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime.cdg

Paul Oakenfold - Starry Eyed Surprise.cdg

Paul Overstreet - All The Fun.cdg

Paul Overstreet - Daddy's Come Around.cdg

Paul Overstreet - Even when i don't feel like it.cdg

Paul Overstreet - Heroes.cdg

Paul Overstreet - Richest Man On Earth.cdg

Paul Overstreet - Seein' My Father In Me.cdg

Paul Overstreet - Sowin' Love.cdg

Paul Overstreet - We've Got To Keep On Meeting Like This.cdg

Paul Piché - Car Je T'aime.cdg

Paul Piché - Cochez Oui, Cochez Non.cdg

Paul Piché - Essaye Donc Pas.cdg

Paul Piché - Heureux D'un Printemps.cdg

Paul Piché - J'appele.cdg

Paul Piché - L'escalier.cdg

Paul Piché - L'instant.cdg

Paul Piché - La gigue à Mitchumano.cdg

Paul Piché - Le Temp D'aimer.cdg

Paul Piché - Moi J'raconte Des Histoires.cdg

Paul Piché - Mon Joe.cdg

Paul Piché - Ne fait pas ça.cdg

Paul Piché - Qu'est-Ce Que Tu Vas Faire.cdg

Paul Piché - Ses Yeux.cdg

Paul Piché - Sur Ma Peau.cdg

Paul Piché - Un Château De Sable.cdg

Paul Piché - Y a pas grand chose dans l'ciel à soir.cdg

Paul Revere And The Raiders - Hungry.cdg

Paul Revere And The Raiders - Kicks.cdg

Paul Simon - 50 ways to leave your lover.cdg

Paul Simon - Boy In The Bubble.cdg

Paul Simon - Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes.cdg

Paul Simon - Father And Daughter.cdg

Paul Simon - Kodachrome.cdg

Paul Simon - Late In The Evening.cdg

Paul Simon - Loves Me Like A Rock.cdg

Paul Simon - Mother & Child Reunion.cdg

Paul Simon - Obvious Child.cdg

Paul Simon - Old.cdg

Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years.cdg

Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al.cdg

Paul Stookey - There Is Love.cdg

Paul Weller - Broken Stones.cdg

Paul Weller - You Do Something To Me.cdg

Paul Westerburg - Love Untold.cdg

Paul Young & Zuchero - Senza Una Donna.cdg

Paul Young - Come Back And Stay.cdg

Paul Young - Everytime You Go Away.cdg

Paul Young - Love Of The Common People.cdg

Paul Young - Oh Girl.cdg

Paul Young - Senza Una Donna.cdg

Paul Young - What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted.cdg

Paul Young - Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home).cdg

Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted.cdg

Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract.cdg

Paula Abdul - Rush Rush.cdg

Paula Abdul - Straight Up.cdg

Paula Abdul - Will You Marry Me.cdg

Paula Cole - Feelin' Love.cdg

Paula Cole - I Believe In Love.cdg

Paula Cole - I Don't Want To Wait.cdg

Paula Cole - Me.cdg

Paula Cole - Where Have All The Cowboys Gone.cdg

Paula Deanda - Walk Away.cdg

Paulette Carlson - Not With My Heart You Don't.cdg

Paulina Rubio - Casanova.cdg

Paulina Rubio - Don't Say Goodbye.cdg

Paulina Rubio - Fire.cdg

Paulina Rubio - I Was Made For Loving You.cdg

Paulina Rubio - Last Goodbye.cdg

Paulina Rubio - One You Love.cdg

Pauline Ester - Oui J'l'adore.cdg

Pauline Henry - Feel Like Makin' Love.cdg

Pax 217 - Tonight.cdg

PC & TI & Lil' Scrappy - I'm A King.cdg

Peabo Bryson & Kenny G. - By The Time This Night Is Over.cdg

Peabo Bryson & Leasa Longa - How Wonderful We Are.cdg

Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle - A Whole New World.cdg

Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack - Tonight, I Celebrate My Love.cdg

Peabo Bryson - Can You Stop The Rain.cdg

Peabo Bryson - Closer Than Close.cdg

Peabo Bryson - Feel The Fire.cdg

Peabo Bryson - If Ever You're In My Arms Again.cdg

Peabo Bryson - Minute By Minute.cdg

Peabo Bryson - Show And Tell.cdg

Peabo Bryson - Why Goodbye.cdg

Peace Pipe - Cry Of Love.cdg

Peach Union - On My Own.cdg

Peaches & Herb - Reunited.cdg

Peaches & Herb - Shake Your Groove Thing.cdg

Pearl Jam - Alive.cdg

Pearl Jam - Better Man.cdg

Pearl Jam - Black.cdg

Pearl Jam - Daughter.cdg

Pearl Jam - I Am Mine.cdg

Pearl Jam - I Got I.D..cdg

Pearl Jam - Jeremy.cdg

Pearl Jam - Last Kiss.cdg

Pearl Jam - Who You Are.cdg

Pebbles - Girlfriend.cdg

Pebbles - Mercedes Boy.cdg

Peggy Cyell & David Hallyday - Repenses-Y Si Tu Veux.cdg

Peggy Lee - Come Rain Or Come Shine.cdg

Peggy Lee - Fever.cdg

Peggy Lee - My heart belongs to daddy.cdg

Peggy March - I Will Follow Him.cdg

Penguins - Earth Angel.cdg

Peppermint Harris - I Got Loaded.cdg

Percy Sledge - Stand by me.cdg

Percy Sledge - Take Time To Know Her.cdg

Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman.cdg

Perfect Circle - A Passive.cdg

Perfect Stranger - Cut Me Off.cdg

Perfect Stranger - Hits.cdg

Perfect Stranger - I'm A Stranger Here Myself.cdg

Perfect Stranger - Miracle.cdg

Perfect Stranger - Remember The Ride.cdg

Perfect Stranger - You Have The Right To Remain Silent.cdg

Perkins Carl - Honey Don't.cdg

Perkins Carl - Matchbox.cdg

Perry Como - And I Love You So.cdg

Perry Como - As Time Goes By.cdg

Perry Como - Catch A Falling Star.cdg

Perry Como - Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes.cdg

Perry Como - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.cdg

Perry Como - Hot Diggity.cdg

Perry Como - I'll Be Home For Christmas.cdg

Perry Como - It's Impossible.cdg

Perry Como - Make Someone Happy.cdg

Perry Como - No Place Like Home For The Holidays.cdg

Perry Como - Silent Night.cdg

Persuasions - People Get Ready.cdg

Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind.cdg

Pet Shop Boys - Before.cdg

Pet Shop Boys - Flamboyant.cdg

Pet Shop Boys - Go West.cdg

Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin.cdg

Pet shop boys - Opportunities (let's make lots of money).cdg

Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities.cdg

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls.cdg

Pet Shop Boys - What Have I Done To Deserve This.cdg

Pete Seeger - This Land Is Your Land.cdg

Pete Townsend - Let My Love Open The Door.cdg

Pete Yorn - For Us.cdg

Peter & Gordon - A World Without Love.cdg

Peter & Gordon - I Go To Pieces.cdg

Peter & Gordon - Lady Godiva.cdg

Peter & Sloane - Besoin De Rien Envie De Toi.cdg

Peter Andre - Insania.cdg

Peter Andre - Kiss The Girl.cdg

Peter Andre - Mysterious Girl.cdg

Peter Cetera & Amy Grant - Next Time I Fall.cdg

Peter Cetera & Chaka Khan - Feels Like Heaven.cdg

Peter Cetera & Cher - After All.cdg

Peter Cetera & Crystal Bernard - Forever Tonight.cdg

Peter Cetera - Glory Of Love.cdg

Peter Cetera - Hard To Say I'm Sorry.cdg

Peter Cetera - One Clear Voice.cdg

Peter Frampton - Baby I Love Your Way.cdg

Peter Frampton - Day In The Sun.cdg

Peter Frampton - Do You Feel Like We Do.cdg

Peter Frampton - I Can't Stand It No More.cdg

Peter Frampton - I'm In You.cdg

Peter Frampton - Out Of The Blue.cdg

Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way.cdg

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush - Don't give up.cdg

Peter Gabriel - Big Time.cdg

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes.cdg

Peter Gabriel - Lovetown.cdg

Peter Gabriel - Red Rain.cdg

Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey.cdg

Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer.cdg

Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill (Live Version).cdg

Peter Gabriel - The Book Of Love.cdg

Peter Sarstedt - Where Do You Go To My Lovely.cdg

Peter Schilling - Major Tom (Coming home).cdg

Peter Tosh - Legalize It.cdg

Peter Tosh - Stepping Razor.cdg

Peter, Paul & Mary - Blowin' In The Wind.cdg

Peter, Paul & Mary - I Dig Rock And Roll Music.cdg

Peter, Paul & Mary - If I Had A Hammer.cdg

Peter, Paul & Mary - Leaving On A Jet Plane.cdg

Peter, Paul & Mary - Lemon Tree.cdg

Peter, Paul & Mary - Puff The Magic Dragon.cdg

Peter, Paul & Mary - Stewball.cdg

Peters & Lee - Don't Stay Away Too Long.cdg

Petey Pablo - Freek-A-Leek.cdg

Petey Pablo - Raise Up.cdg

Petra - Lord, I Lift Your Name On High.cdg

Petula Clark - A Sign Of The Times.cdg

Petula Clark - C'est Le Refrain De Ma Vie.cdg

Petula Clark - C'est Ma Chanson.cdg

Petula Clark - Ceux Qui Ont Un Coeur.cdg

Petula Clark - Chariot.cdg

Petula Clark - Dans L'temps.cdg

Petula Clark - Don't Sleep In The Subway.cdg

Petula Clark - Downtown.cdg

Petula Clark - Everybody Loves A Lover.cdg

Petula Clark - I Couldn't Live Without Your Love.cdg

Petula Clark - I Know A Place.cdg

Petula Clark - I'm Sorry (V.F.).cdg

Petula Clark - It's Magic.cdg

Petula Clark - Je Me Sens Bien Auprès De Toi.cdg

Petula Clark - La Nuit N'en Finit Plus.cdg

Petula Clark - Les Amoureux Des Bancs Publics.cdg

Petula Clark - My Love.cdg

Petula Clark - Sailor.cdg

Petula Clark - Teacher's Pet.cdg

Petula Clark - This Is My Song.cdg

Petula Clark - Tu Perds Ton Temps.cdg

Petula Clark - When I Fall In Love.cdg

Phantom Planet - California.cdg

Pharell & Gwen Stefani - Can I Have It Like That.cdg

Pharell & Kanye West - Number One.cdg

Pharell - Angel.cdg

Phenomenia - Désolé.cdg

Phenomenia - Ensemble.cdg

Phenomenia - Loin d'ici.cdg

Phil Barney - Le Souvenir De Toi.cdg

Phil Barney - Un Coeur Qui Danse.cdg

Phil Barney - Un Enfant De Toi.cdg

Phil Collins & Manhattan Transfer - Too Busy Thinking About My Baby.cdg

Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin - Separate Lives.cdg

Phil Collins & Philip Bailey - Easy Lover.cdg

Phil Collins - A Groovy Kind Of Love.cdg

Phil Collins - Abacab.cdg

Phil Collins - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now).cdg

Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise.cdg

Phil Collins - Both Sides Of The Story.cdg

Phil Collins - Can't Stop Loving You.cdg

Phil Collins - Can't Turn Back The Years.cdg

Phil Collins - Dance Into The Light.cdg

Phil Collins - Do You Remember.cdg

Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number.cdg

Phil Collins - Everyday.cdg

Phil Collins - Groovy Kind Of Love.cdg

Phil Collins - I Don't Care Anymore.cdg

Phil Collins - I missed again.cdg

Phil Collins - I wish it would rain down.cdg

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight.cdg

Phil Collins - It's In Your Eyes.cdg

Phil Collins - Jesus He Knows Me.cdg

Phil Collins - Land Of Confusion.cdg

Phil Collins - Never A Time.cdg

Phil Collins - One More Night.cdg

Phil Collins - Something Happened.cdg

Phil Collins - Somewhere.cdg

Phil Collins - Sussudio.cdg

Phil Collins - Tonight Tonight Tonight.cdg

Phil Collins - True Colors.cdg

Phil Collins - Two Hearts.cdg

Phil Collins - You Can't Hurry Love.cdg

Phil Collins - You'll Be In My Heart.cdg

Phil Joel - Man You Want Me To Be.cdg

Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - Together In Electric Dreams.cdg

Phil Phillips & The Twilights - Sea Of Love.cdg

Phil Vassar & Friends - Words Are Your Wheels.cdg

Phil Vassar - American Child.cdg

Phil Vassar - Carlene.cdg

Phil Vassar - Good Ole Days.cdg

Phil Vassar - I'll Take That As A Yes (The Hot Tub Song).cdg

Phil Vassar - In A Real Love.cdg

Phil Vassar - Just Another Day In Paradise.cdg

Phil Vassar - Last Day Of My Life.cdg

Phil Vassar - Rose Bouquet.cdg

Phil Vassar - Six Pack Summer.cdg

Phil Vassar - That's When I Love You.cdg

Phil Vassar - The Woman In My Life.cdg

Phil Vassar - This Is God.cdg

Phil Vassar - This Is My Life.cdg

Phil Vassar - Ultimate Love.cdg

Philip Claypool - Circus Leaving Town.cdg

Philip Claypool - Strength Of A Woman.cdg

Philippe Lafontaine - Coeur De Loup.cdg

Philippe Lavil - Elle Préfère L'amour En Mer.cdg

Philippe Lavil - Il tape sur des bambous.cdg

Philippe Lavil - Jamaïcaine.cdg

Philippe Lavil - La Chica De Cuba.cdg

Phillips, Craig & Dean - You Are My King.cdg

Philosonic -  La couleur.cdg

Phish - Free.cdg

Phish - Heavy Things.cdg

Phoebe Snow - Poetry Man.cdg

Pickettywitch - That Same Old Feeling.cdg

Pied Pipers - Mairzy Doats.cdg

Pier Beland - Du Sable Sur La Peau.cdg

Pier Beland - Folle de lui.cdg

Pier Beland - Je veux vivre ma vie avec toi.cdg

Pier Beland - Moi sans toi.cdg

Pier Beland - Ne joue pas avec mon coeur.cdg

Pier Beland - Quand tu danses avec elle.cdg

Pier Beland - Que Dieu Protège Notre Amour.cdg

Pier Beland - Si on pensait un peu à nous.cdg

Pier Beland - Une mère c'est fait pour ça.cdg

Pier Beland - Valse d'amour.cdg

Pier Béland - Adios Amor.cdg

Pier Béland - C'est Ça La Vie.cdg

Pier Béland - La Joconde.cdg

Pier Béland - Le Country Boogie.cdg

Pier Béland - Pour L'amour C'est Toi.cdg

Pier Béland - Quand On S'aime Bien Tous Les Deux.cdg

Pier Béland - Sans Toi.cdg

Pier Béland - Sentimentale.cdg

Pier Béland - Vas-Tu Un Jour Me Pardonner.cdg

Pierre Bachelet - Elle Est D'ailleurs.cdg

Pierre Bachelet - En L'an 2001.cdg

Pierre Bachelet - Les Corons.cdg

Pierre Bachelet - Marionnettiste.cdg

Pierre Bachelet - Pleur pas Boulou.cdg

Pierre Bachelet - Écris-Moi.cdg

Pierre Bertrand - Ma Blonde M'aime.cdg

Pierre Bertrand - Un soir d'été.cdg

Pierre Dumont - Je L'aime.cdg

Pierre Dumont - Les Enchainés.cdg

Pierre Flynn - En Cavale.cdg

Pierre Flynn - Savoir Aimer.cdg

Pierre Groscola - Lady Lay.cdg

Pierre Harrel - Faut que j'me pousse.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Attention La Vie Est Courte.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - C'es toujours comme ça.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - C'est Le Temps Des Vacances.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Dans Tes Yeux.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Donne-Moi Ta Bouche.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Gina.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Le Fer, Le Marbre Et L'acier.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Medley.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Nous On N'est Dans Le Vent.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - On A L'âge De Raison.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Petit Gonzales.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Quand Je L'ai Vue.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Quand T'auras 20 Ans.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Si tu m'aimes tant que ça.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Sleepy Joe.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Tu N'as Pas De Coeur.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Tu Peux Pleurer.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - Va Va Va.cdg

Pierre Lalonde - À Winnepeg.cdg

Pierre Lapointe - Dans La Forêt Des Mal Aimés.cdg

Pierre Lapointe - Dans les yeux d'Émilie.cdg

Pierre Lapointe - Deux Par Deux Ressemblés.cdg

Pierre Lapointe - Qu'en Est-Il De La Chance.cdg

Pierre Letourneau - Tous les jours de la semaine.cdg

Pierre Perret - Le Zizi.cdg

Pierre Proteau - Deux pina coladas.cdg

Pierre Sénécal - Reviens-Moi Mon Amour.cdg

Pierre Sénécal - Un Coin De Ciel Bleu.cdg

Pierrette Beauchamp - J'ai Envie De Toi.cdg

Pierrette Beauchamp - Que Dieu Protège Notre Amour.cdg

Pierrette Beauchamp - Tu Te Reconnaitras.cdg

Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Sorry.cdg

Pigeon Detectives - Take Her Back.cdg

Pillar - Echelon.cdg

Pillar - Fireproof.cdg

Pilot - January.cdg

Pilot - Magic.cdg

Pink & Steven Tyler - Misery.cdg

Pink - 18 Wheeler.cdg

Pink - Catch 22.cdg

Pink - Dear Mr. President.cdg

Pink - Don't let me get me.cdg

Pink - Eventually.cdg

Pink - Family Portrait.cdg

Pink - Feel Good Time.cdg

Pink - Get The Party Started.cdg

Pink - God Is A DJ.cdg

Pink - Just Like A Pill.cdg

Pink - Last To Know.cdg

Pink - Leave Me Alone.cdg

Pink - Most Girls.cdg

Pink - Nobody Knows.cdg

Pink - Stupid Girls.cdg

Pink - There You Go.cdg

Pink - Trouble.cdg

Pink - U + Ur Hand.cdg

Pink - Who Knew.cdg

Pink - You Make Me Sick.cdg

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall.cdg

Pink Floyd - Brain damage and Eclipse.cdg

Pink Floyd - Breathe.cdg

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb.cdg

Pink Floyd - Eclipse.cdg

Pink Floyd - Have A Cigar.cdg

Pink Floyd - Hey You.cdg

Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly.cdg

Pink Floyd - Money.cdg

Pink Floyd - Mother.cdg

Pink Floyd - Nobody Home.cdg

Pink Floyd - See Emily Play.cdg

Pink Floyd - Sheep.cdg

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond.cdg

Pink Floyd - Take It Back.cdg

Pink Floyd - The Final Cut.cdg

Pink Floyd - Time.cdg

Pink Floyd - Us And Them.cdg

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here.cdg

Pinkard & Bowden - Folk Music.cdg

Pinkard & Bowden - Guns Made America Great.cdg

Pinkard & Bowden - Mama She's Lazy.cdg

Pinkard & Bowden - She Thinks I Steal Cars.cdg

Pinkee - Danger Games.cdg

Pinmonkey - Barbed Wire And Roses.cdg

Pinmonkey - I Drove All Night.cdg

Pippen - Corner Of The Sky.cdg

Pistolets Roses - Magan.cdg

Pixies - Here Comes Your Man.cdg

Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven.cdg

PJ & Duncan - Let's Get Ready To Rhumble.cdg

PJ Harvey - Downby The Water.cdg

PJ Harvey - Good Fortune.cdg

PJ Harvey - One Line.cdg

PJ Proby - Hold Me.cdg

Placebo - Bitter End.cdg

Placebo - Nancy Boy.cdg

Placebo - Pure Morning.cdg

Placebo - You Don't Care About Us.cdg

Plain White T's - Hate ( I Really Don't Like You).cdg

Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah.cdg

Plastic Bertrand - Stop Ou Encore.cdg

Plastic Bertrand - Ça Plane Pour Moi.cdg

Platters - My Prayer.cdg

Platters - Only You.cdg

Platters - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.cdg

Platters - The Great Pretender.cdg

Platters - The Magic Touch.cdg

Platters - Twilight Time.cdg

Platters - Washed Ashore.cdg

Platters - With This Ring.cdg

Play - Can't Help Falling In Love With You.cdg

Play - I Must Not Chase The Boys.cdg

Play - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me.cdg

Play - Us Against The World.cdg

Playaz Circle & Lil' Wayne - Duffle Bag Boy.cdg

Player - Baby Come Back.cdg

Playmates - Beep Beep.cdg

Plies & T-Pain - Shawty.cdg

Plimsouls - A Million Miles Away.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Beau Filon.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Bobépine.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Calvaire.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Chien fou.cdg

Plume Latraverse - El Nino.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Jonquière.cdg

Plume Latraverse - L'hiver.cdg

Plume Latraverse - La ballade des caisses de 24.cdg

Plume Latraverse - La bienséance.cdg

Plume Latraverse - La chanson de Jean-Claude.cdg

Plume Latraverse - La journée du chèque.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Le blues de la bêtise humaine.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Le Corridor Du Non-Fumeur.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Le retour à la terre.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Le rock n' roll du grand flanc mou.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Les Mauvais Compagnons.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Léon le camaléon.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Quatre Ans Après.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Rideau.cdg

Plume Latraverse - Tant Qu'on Pourra.cdg

Plus One - Calling Down An Angel.cdg

Plus One - Camouflage.cdg

Plus One - Forever.cdg

Plus One - Going Crazy.cdg

Plus One - I Don't Care.cdg

Plus One - Kick Me.cdg

Plus One - Let Me Be The One.cdg

Plus One - Start To Fly.cdg

Plus One - Written On My Heart.cdg

PM Dawn - I Had No Right.cdg

PM Dawn - I'd Die Without You.cdg

PM Dawn - Set Adrift On Memory Bliss.cdg

Poco - Crazy Love.cdg

Poco - Heart Of The Night.cdg

Poco - Kind Woman.cdg

Poe - Angry Johnny.cdg

Poe - Hello.cdg

Poe - Hey Pretty.cdg

Point Of Grace - My God.cdg

Point Of Grace - Yes, I Believe.cdg

Pointer Sisters - Automatic.cdg

Pointer Sisters - Dare Me.cdg

Pointer Sisters - Fire.cdg

Pointer Sisters - He's So Shy.cdg

Pointer Sisters - How Long (Betcha' Got A Chick On The Side).cdg

Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited.cdg

Pointer Sisters - Jump (For My Love).cdg

Pointer Sisters - Neutron Dance.cdg

Pointer Sisters - Slow Hand.cdg

Pointer Sisters - We Are Family.cdg

Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can.cdg

Poison - Every Rose Has It's Thorn.cdg

Poison - Fallen Angel.cdg

Poison - I Want Action.cdg

Poison - I Won't Forget About You.cdg

Poison - Look What The Cat Dragged In.cdg

Poison - Nothin' But A Good Time.cdg

Poison - Something To Believe In.cdg

Poison - Talk Dirty To Me.cdg

Poison - Unskinny Bop.cdg

Poison - Your Mama Don't Dance.cdg

Police - Can't Stand Losing You.cdg

Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da.cdg

Police - Don't Stand So Close To Me.cdg

Police - Every Breath You Take.cdg

Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.cdg

Police - Fall Out.cdg

Police - Invisible Sun.cdg

Police - King Of Pain.cdg

Police - Message In A Bottle.cdg

Police - Roxanne.cdg

Police - So Lonely.cdg

Police - Spirit's In The Material World.cdg

Police - Synchronicity.cdg

Police - Twenty Five To Midnight.cdg

Police - Walking On The Moon.cdg

Police - When We Dance.cdg

Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger.cdg

Polow Da Don Rich Boy & Keri Hilson - Good Things.cdg

Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton - Please Don't Stop Loving Me.cdg

Porter Wagoner - A Satisfied Mind.cdg

Porter Wagoner - Eat Drink And Be Merry.cdg

Porter Wagoner - Misery Loves Company.cdg

Porter Wagoner - The Cold Hard Facts Of Life.cdg

Portishead - Sour Times.cdg

Portrait - Day By Day.cdg

Portrait - How Deep Is Your Love.cdg

Power Station - Get It On.cdg

Power Station - Some Like It Hot.cdg

Powerman 5000 - When Worlds Collide.cdg

Pozo-Seco Singers - I Can Make It With You.cdg

Precious - Say It Again.cdg

Prefab Sprout - King Of Rock 'N' Roll.cdg

Presidents Of The Usa - Dune Buggy.cdg

Presidents Of The Usa - Kitty.cdg

Presidents Of The Usa - Lump.cdg

Presidents Of The Usa - Mach 5.cdg

Presidents Of The Usa - Peaches.cdg

Pretenders - A Thin Line Between Love & Hate.cdg

Pretenders - Back On The Chain Gang.cdg

Pretenders - Brass In Pocket (I'm Special).cdg

Pretenders - Brass In Pocket.cdg

Pretenders - Don't get me wrong.cdg

Pretenders - Everyday Is Like Sunday.cdg

Pretenders - Goodbye.cdg

Pretenders - Human.cdg

Pretenders - I'll Stand By You.cdg

Pretenders - Middle Of The Road.cdg

Pretenders - Sense Of Purpose.cdg

Pretenders - Stop Your Sobbing.cdg

Pretty Ricky & Sean Paul - Push It Baby.cdg

Pretty Ricky - Grind With Me.cdg

Pretty Ricky - Love Like Honey.cdg

Pretty Ricky - Nothin' But A Number.cdg

Pretty Ricky - On The Hotline.cdg

Pretty Ricky - Your Body.cdg

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth.cdg

Primus - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver.cdg

Prince & Apollonia - Take Me With You.cdg

Prince & Sheena Easton - U Got The Look.cdg

Prince - 1999.cdg

Prince - 7.cdg

Prince - Alphabet Street.cdg

Prince - Baby I'm A Star.cdg

Prince - Batdance.cdg

Prince - Betcha By Golly Wow.cdg

Prince - Controversy.cdg

Prince - Cream.cdg

Prince - Darling Nikki.cdg

Prince - Delirious.cdg

Prince - Diamonds And Pearls.cdg

Prince - Do Me, Baby.cdg

Prince - Erotic City.cdg

Prince - Get Off.cdg

Prince - I Hate U.cdg

Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover.cdg

Prince - I Would Die 4 U.cdg

Prince - Kiss.cdg

Prince - Let's Go Crazy.cdg

Prince - Little Red Corvette.cdg

Prince - My Name Is Prince.cdg

Prince - Pop Life.cdg

Prince - Pu$$Y Control.cdg

Prince - Purple Rain.cdg

Prince - Raspberry Beret.cdg

Prince - Sex Shooter.cdg

Prince - Sexy M.F..cdg

Prince - Sign O' The Times.cdg

Prince - Somebody's Somebody.cdg

Prince - The Beautiful Ones.cdg

Prince - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.cdg

Prince - Thieves In The Temple.cdg

Prince - When doves cry.cdg

Prince Buster - Whine & Grime.cdg

Prince Of Egypt - When You Believe (Dance Mix).cdg

Princess Superstar - Bad Babysitter.cdg

Priscilla - Cette Vie Nouvelle.cdg

Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles).cdg

Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be Five Hundred Miles.cdg

Proclaimers - I'm On My Way.cdg

Proclaimers - Letter From America.cdg

Proclaimers - Sunshine On Leith.cdg

Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale.cdg

Procol Harum - Conquistador.cdg

Producers - When You Got It , Flaunt It.cdg

Profyle - Liar.cdg

Projet Orange - La Pomme.cdg

Projet Orange - Mistère aérosol.cdg

Promise - When In Rome.cdg

Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way.cdg

Psychedelic Furs - Pretty In Pink.cdg

Psychedelic Furs - The Ghost In You.cdg

Public Announcement - Mamacita.cdg

Public Enemy & Anthrax - Bring The Noise.cdg

Public Enemy - Fight The Power.cdg

Puddle Of Mudd - Away From Me.cdg

Puddle Of Mudd - Blurry.cdg

Puddle Of Mudd - Control.cdg

Puddle Of Mudd - Drift & Die.cdg

Puddle Of Mudd - She Hates Me.cdg

Puff Daddy & Faith Evans - I'll Be Missing You.cdg

Puff Daddy, B.I.G., Lil' Kim & The Lox - It's All About The Benjamins.cdg

Puff Johnson - Forever More.cdg

Puff Johnson - Over And Over.cdg

Pulp - All Time High.cdg

Pulp - Common People.cdg

Pulp - Disco 2000.cdg

Pulp - Do You Remember The First Time.cdg

Pulp - Help The Aged.cdg

Pulp - Mile End.cdg

Pulp - Monday Morning.cdg

Pulp - Sorted For E's And Wizz.cdg

Pulp - This Is Hardcore.cdg

Pure Prairie League - Amie.cdg

Pure Prairie League - Let Me Love You Tonight.cdg

Pure Soul - We Must Be In Love.cdg

Puretone - Addicted To Bass.cdg

Push - La Playa.cdg

Pussycat - Mississippi.cdg

Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes - Don't Cha.cdg

Pussycat Dolls & Snoop Dogg - Buttons.cdg

Pussycat Dolls & Will I Am - Beep.cdg

Pussycat Dolls - How Many Times, How Many Lies.cdg

Pussycat Dolls - Stickwitu.cdg

Pussycat Dolls - Sway.cdg

Pussycat Dolls - Wait A Minute.cdg



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